“I Believe” Decorative Crates. Cream, shabby chic, wooden crates. “I Believe” these decorative crates can be used in SO many ways! Use multiple crates to create end tables, tables in a seating area; stack them to create a vignette area with pictures, flowers, and keepsakes, or to display thank you gifts. You can also use them individually for adding dimension on food tables, in centerpieces, or in lounge areas to hold blankets, flowers, etc. Crates come in two different sizes. Dimensions of Medium; 9.5″ Height x 18″ Length x 12.5″ Width. Dimensions of Large; 12.5″ Height x 20″ Length x 12.5″ Width.

Rental Price

Medium Crates, $5.00 ea. (4 total)
Large Crates, $6.00 ea. (3 total)

I Believe

“I believe, I believe,
I do believe that dreams come true,
And if you wish for a dream by the wishing well,
Don’t you tell the wish or you’ll break the spell,
It may sound naive,
But that’s what I happen to believe.”

– Frank Sinatra