“Twilight” Decorative Lanterns. The most wonderful, versatile, decorative lanterns that ever were! These darling decorative wooden lanterns come in a variety of sizes and colors of metal (gold & silver). They truly are the perfect lantern rental! The “Twilight” decorative lanterns can be styled in so many ways. They can be used as statement pieces in centerpieces, displayed next to an altar or on a sign in table. Weither used displayed together or seperated, you can’t go wrong with these rustic decorative lanterns. Interested in using these at your event? We’d love to know how you are going use them to decorate for your event!
20″ Silver Detail; quantity 5
13.5″ Silver Detail; quantity 5
13.5″ Gold Detail; quantity 5
9″ Silver Detail; quantity 8

Rental Price

20″, $16
13.5″, $12
9″, $8
Candles & batteries included!

Linger A Little Longer In the Twilight

“Linger a little longer in the twilight with me,
We’ll dream our cares away.
Somehow in the twilight, you are nearer to me;
Nearer than words can say.
With your hand in mine, we’ll wonder alone.
I’ll sing to you, love olds sweet song.”

– Ruth Etting