Vintage Books. Looking to add a little romantic flair to your centerpieces or other vignettes at your upcoming wedding, party, or event? Our shabby chic styled vintage book collection encompasses a darling assortment of charming book bundle sets. Each bundle is 4″-6″ tall (anywhere from 3-6 books). Our most popular package of vintage books are mostly neutral colors; cream, ivory, tan, etc. with gold and lace accents. However, not only can we create as many bundles as you wish, but we can create whatever color combination you have in mind; pinks and neutrals with a dash of blue, or robins egg blue with hints of teal and green; the possibilities are endless, my dear!

Rental Price

$5 per bundle

The Day I Read a Book

“I’ll never forget the day I read a book.
It was contagious, seventy pages.
There were pictures here and there,
So it wasn’t hard to bear,
The day I read a book.
It’s a shame I don’t recall the name of the book.
It wasn’t a history, I know because it had no plot.
It wasn’t a mystery, because nobody there got shot.
The day I read a book, I can’t remember when,
But one o’ these days, I’m gonna do it again. “

– Jimmy Durante