The “Avalon” Chairs. These fun shabby chic chairs are so different from anything and would compliment so many different decorating styles. These chairs have a distressed, industrial, feminine feel to them with their linen seats, burlap sides, ruffled backs, cloth details, and dark wood. These rental chairs are one of our most versatile in the wing-back style. The Avalon Chairs can be mismatched, paired with a loveseat or settee, or are just beautiful paired together. 28″ Width x 42″ Height.
History: Did we mention they are one of a kind? When these chairs first came to us, they were a rich salmon-pink velvet. They would have been remarkable that way if it weren’t for the rips in the fabric and markings that wouldn’t come out. It was our vision to do something special with these chairs. So as we deconstructed these chairs, a vision came to life. To preserve some of the authenticity of these chairs, the burlap fabric was left and remains on the sides of the chairs. The darling velvet buttons that used to hold the tufts in place were spared, and now can be seen on the side arms. Even small pieces of fabric threads can be seen adding character throughout choice places in the chairs.

Rental Price

$58 per chair (2 chairs total)


“I found my love in Avalon
Beside the bay.
I left my love in Avalon
And I sailed away.
I dream of her in Avalon
From dusk till dawn.
So I think I’ll travel on
To Avalon.”

– Al Jolson