TThe “Mona Lisa” sofa is a true work of art! We seriously cannot get over the intense color of this rust colored sofa; not to mention, the detailed woodwork and brocatelle fabric on this piece is spectacular! There are so many ways the “Mona Lisa” sofa can be used to dress up your event. One of our favorite pairs with this “Mona Lisa” sofa are the “Sound of Music” chairs; they make a great lounge area. 90″ Length x 37″ Height.

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Mona Lisa

“Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?
Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep
They just lie there and they die there
Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa?
Or just a cold and lonely lovely work of art?”

– Nat King Cole