“Peaches & Cream” Velvet Chairs. Matching gold velvet chairs. These gold wingback velvet chairs are a dream come true! The cream wood and gold velvet fabric the perfect “peaches & cream” combo. The details are most exquisite, with the gold velvet, tufted seat backs, cabriole legs, serpentine apron, and rose carved crest. There are two matching armchairs in this collection which can be rented together or separately; you choose! Circa 1960. 26.5″ Width x 44.5″ Height.

Rental Price

$58 per chair (2 chairs available)

If Life Were All Peaches & Cream

“If life were all peaches and cream
Honey how boring life would seem.
Unless a gal could eat her peaches and cream with a dream like you.”

–¬†Doris Day, Tony Martin